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High Performance Team Training Project Management training Challenged by my employer to find a common approach to change management suitable for global use, I hit a brick wall. There was nothing available that combined both the technical underpinning and the people know how and skills required to make change happen.

So, with a new born baby who didn't sleep and a full-time job, I set about writing my first book on change. Such was its success that not only did my employer invest in the book's publication, but asked that I implement the programme world wide as a supplier.

In 1999 I set up Lindsay McKenna Limited and became an independent global supplier to the company for whom I had originally created the approach. The product range has now been expanded to include a dedicated series on high performance teamworking.
Leading Virtual Teams to High Performance Getting going

There followed 2 more years of intense activity.

By April 2002 I was ready to go with a top-quality portfolio of workshops and two publications that constituted the support material.

As demand increased from new clients, a team took shape, and so began Lindsay McKenna Limited.
Workshops accredited with the PMI Where are we now?
We have progressed from using associate consultants to a dedicated employed team of highly experienced consultants with Kevin as our Operations Director.

Successful negotiations with the Project Management Institute resulted in Lindsay McKenna Limited becoming a Global Education Provider with all our workshops receiving accreditation.

Lindsay is now an internationally renowned key note speaker, challenging her audiences with fresh views on change management, high performance teamworking and personal skills. Our Client base, which not so long ago stood at one, has now reached 65 and we are currently working in 28 countries across all five continents.
America, Australia, South America, Europe and Africa The Future

Plans to grow for the sake of getting big do not excite us. We want to remain a team that is 'human' and accessible to our clients, where the total client experience from first contact is a pleasure.

The drive to keep all our portfolio of workshops exciting, interactive and polished has not diminished and we are constantly looking to expand our offering with further top quality products.

We remain today just as strongly intent on waking up and shaking up the change management marketplace. Our aim is to replace bureaucracy with pragmatism rigidity with flexibility theory with hard realities
High performance team training in Africa Why the animals?
We felt we needed to get delegates on our team and leadership workshops back to the fundamentals of belonging to and leading teams. In the African bush, you don't play teams, its for real. It can be the difference between life, death and species survival.

The unique video footage and analogies bring to life skills that the animals cant do without and we should pay heed to if we are ever going to achieve high performance as a team.

When we have taken teams out to Africa to see first hand the harsh reality of wildlife survival in the bush, they always come back fiercely united, motived and with renewed commitment to each other. Contributing to wildlife conservation in Africa is our way of saying 'Thank you' to our animal mentors.
 High Performance Team Guide
Our flock of geese who inspired the artwork in
A Practitioner's Guide to
High Performance Teamworking

Here they are trying to escape the evening 'round-up' when we put them in a predator-free enclosure.
Team Team

We spent four days in Africa, studying the outstanding team skills of the African Wild Dog, known locally as the Makanyane. A superb experience.
Effective high performance team membership Team

Work is well underway to convert the old Coach House into a light and airy office space with views looking up the valley. Can't wait to move in!
peacock Peacock

Two of the more unusual images we have of our peacocks! The small picture shows one of the peacocks trying to groom a distant feather, the large one - well, he's shakin' his ... to impress the ladies!
Change Management workshops Lindsay facilitating session

Lindsay doing what she loves best ... facilitating a development session on one of our In-Africa workshops.
 Formal Garden
In complete contrast to Spring Cottage, the gardens surrounding the house at Paddocks Farm are very formal. Manicured box hedges enclose fragrant lavender and standard roses.
pigs pigs

These piglets might look small now, but they are destined to grow to at least twice this size if not more.
arrival Arrival
What a day! Five vans queued in the lane waiting to get access to the farm. Huge big thanks to the guys who worked their socks off in driving rain to move us in. Thanks also to Terry, Steve and his wife Carol who also did stirling work.
Strategic Change Zacks

No, you are not seeing things. Four of the alpaca grazing in our front paddock are pregnant so watch this space - baby alpaca pictures to follow!
Stakeholder Management Lindsay McKenna Limited Newsletter

Steve's pride and joy, his quad bike. There is nothing Steve likes better than exploring the by-ways, tracks and trails amid the peaks and valleys of Snowdonia in Wales.
Portfolio Management Programme Management

Lots of the photographs on this site have been taken by Terry Wickenden who many of you will know as a workshop facilitator. This is one he took in the Madikwe Game Reserve.

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