What our Clients say about our workshops ...

These quotes are for real. Many of our clients are happy to talk direct with potential clients, to state first hand their experiences of us and the benefits realised.

Change Management Workshops

“What I personally experienced from the project management training was a powerful and practical approach to managing change. I am determined that this approach becomes a way of life – fully integrated in how we make decisions, prioritise and manage projects”

“The course was everything I wanted it to be. The Consultant’s style and pace was well suited to a Pan-European group. We are now planning to move the entire Marketing department to a project management approach to their jobs and workload. The training has acted as a key catalyst in my change management initiative of re-defining how and what EU Marketing works on at Company X”.

“wish I had found this approach years ago – at last”.

High Performance Team Workshops

Thank you very much for all the effort you put into preparing and running our training. They were an extremely productive 2 days, which will definitely help us in building an even better organization to deliver superior business results;

The vivid videos and animal analogies will stay with me forever.

Well done you have excelled on all points, the passion and expertise of the consultant the approach to teamworking, the animal analogies, the guidebook – it was a feast of excellence and we will be taking this approach to leadership and teamworking throughout the business, so you will be hearing from us

I didn’t want the event to end – I guess that says it all.

High Performance Teamwork in Africa

I wanted to thank you for the great experience I had in Africa. I think the proposition you have is quite unique, and offers significant benefit to team development at the most senior level.

The ’Lessons from the Wild’ event is an experience not to be missed. The whole event is delivered at a pace keeping you engaged and challenged the whole time.

The use of the animals to draw out team behaviours and impacts on team performance is both innovative and effective, providing participants with key learnings almost every moment of the time. The use of Game Drives mixed with facilitated learning sessions enables the participant to continually reinforce learning with practical examples.