Consultancy support

How can you achieve a common approach to project management which sticks, becoming a way of life that is enjoyed not endured? This is where our in-depth consultancy support comes in. We offer practical and insightful strategies and tactics for introducing and sustaining this common approach to project management into your business, which includes:

  • How to plan the introduction and deployment of a common approach
  • How to make real connections with existing processes, initiative and current practices
  • How to increase visible ownership of the approach
  • The content, frequency and pace of communications required to each stakeholder group
  • How to achieve visible executive support and involvement
  • How to engage people in the common approach, inviting them to shift from passive observer to active engagement
  • How to ensure that the organisations policies and practices are conducive to projects and teamworking
  • How to deal with some of the biggest challenges and obstacles your organisation is likely to throw at you
  • How to build ongoing transparency, reinforcements and consequences
  • How to maintain momentum