Our Approach

"I am able to deal with issues that arise in a much better way - I'm more conscious of others around me and generally more organised within my unit team"
Luminar Leisure

We all encounter work situations that we find difficult, aspects of our job that we really don't want to do. New responsibilities are thrust upon us, expectations change or an ill-defined part of our role suddenly bursts into life. Our Personal Skills Series of workshops has been designed to help you tackle challenging situations and to recognize and grasp opportunities that come your way.

A key theme throughout this series is how to manage you! It is about how to turn aptitude into a honed skills giving you the courage and judgment to do the "right things" not just do "things right".

Our workshops encourage you not only to raise your own performance but to help raise the performance of your colleagues. Learning how to connect positively with others through collaboration, feedback and the sharing of expertise and ideas is fundamental to this experience.


Our Leadership and Team Membership diagnostics and one-to-one feedback sessions create the ideal starting point for people to better understand themselves and others, as either a leader or a team member and colleague.

Personal Coaching Programme

This series of one to one explorations combine high challenge with support. We work with you, helping you to take an honest look at your performance and contribution, assumptions and attitudes.

We help you identify, understand and sharpen strengths and talents so that optimum use can be made of them. We invite you to step outside your comfort zone and examine the impact you make on others, helping you break habits and patterns of behaviour that confine growth and performance.

You will be encouraged to bring issues you find challenging and any self-perceived gaps in performance for assessment. Our consultant will help you put them in perspective and guide you with developing action plans to address them.