Guidebooks & Handbooks

The Practitioner's Guide to Active Listening & Assertion

Personal Skills Training: InfluencingYour ability to influence others and to manage your own needs - whether in the home or at work - depends upon your skill with active listening and assertion.

Becoming a skilled listener and/or comfortable with asserting yourself, demands more from you than other types of training. It relies on your personal determination to operate in new ways and to overcome barriers that may be stopping you from listening to others or making yourself heard.

This guidebook will help guide you through the workshop and will be constant source of reference when you return to the workplace.

Accompanies our Influencing without Authority workshop

The Practitioner's Guide to Resolving Conflict

Personal Skiulls Training: Conflict Resolution All interactions hold the potential for conflict. Differences between us, either of ideology, hopes and ambitions, or preferred courses of action, are a natural part of living and working together.

Success and a sense of personal control depends on the way we handle the inevitable conflicts that we will face through life. To gain our desired outcome, without hurting or disadvantaging others, requires skill and sensitivity. This guide and its associated workshop will provide you with important skills and techniques for bringing conflicts to a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Accompanies our Conflict Resolution workshop

Problem Solving Workbook

Perrsonal Skills Training: Problem Solving In this high pressure fast moving age the temptation to rush to problem solution is huge. We have learned from experience that we can find ourselves in the middle of finding solutions to problems that are not really problems - we just assumed they were. The workshop provides a no nonsense step by step approach to tackling problems from recognition through to clear definition and solution.

This workbook contains all the exercises used in the workshop and a rich source of tips and insights. It also contains space for any personal notes you may wish to make to enable future reference.

Accompanies our Problem Solving workshop .