Presentation - It's Personal

Lindsay McKennaLindsay McKenna Limited is an international business specialising in Change Management, Leadership and High Performance Teamworking. They also conduct special events in the African Bush where leaders are taken back to a setting where effective leadership and teamwork means the difference between life, death and species survival.

Before action comes thought and before thought comes the self. Yet we so often focus our training and attention on the action bit but rarely train ourselves for the thought. Yet it is our thought processes and those of the people we interact with that ultimately results in the optimum actions being delivered.

So it is definitely personal.

This session is about getting back to some basics about being human, how to positively connect with others, how to be yourself and have the courage and judgment to do the "right things" not just do "things right".

It is about how to manage yourself, your own responses and actions, before trying to manage your relationships with others?

Experience this taster from our Personal Skills Series workshops, in a lively tip filled session.


  • How to recognise the difference between control and influence
  • How to be heard without grappling for air space
  • How to have that tough conversation
  • How to avoid fight or flight in yourself and others
  • How to diffuse conflict