From Individual to Team: Reaching and Sustaining High Performance

The opportunity:

Delivering exceptional results through teamwork. Our speciality is in making this your capability. An opportunity for a business to make fundamental improvements in their leadership and teamworking capabilities. Introduce a common language and approach to how people are selected and invited onto teams, how the team develops into a real team and ultimately how the team is closed down.

The High Performance Series works directly with leaders and teams, equipping them with the skills and tools to rapidly advance themselves from a disparate collection of individuals to a cohesive and dynamic unit.

Experience a lively and pragmatic approach, which includes a common approach to teamwork, comprehensive toolkits' packed with instantly useable tools and tips and inspirational skills workshops.

Teams don't "just happen":

A team is defined as "An interdependent group, working to a common performance goal and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable".

Calling a group of individuals a team does not make them one – and so many teams are a team in name only.

It takes conscious effort and intervention to convert a collection of individuals into a team capable of high performance.

Yet when it comes to business teams, the requirement is often to "just get on with it" - to demanding deadlines. This frequently backfires, with teams feeling compelled to immediately dive into the detail of the task, before they have clarified their goals, and with no attention paid to whether the team is capable and committed enough to work together.

Assessing current status:

You can opt for a full business audit to establish the current health and status of teamworking in your business with recommendations for action. You can also simply request a discussion to establish your objectives and requirements and how this work will fit in with your current business strategy.

Once the work starts, we strongly recommend that the leaders and complete teams take advantage of our web based leadership and team diagnostics to provide powerful data about their strengths and gaps to attend to.

What can we do to help:

Our Leadership and Teamwork Workshops are based on our highly-regarded guidebook The Practitioner’s Guide to High Performance Teamwork, and all participants receive a copy of the book and access to electronic templates.

To further develop the skill set of your employees, we offer a range of Management and Personal Skills workshops – for example, in effective meeting management and conflict resolution.

For Project Teams, who may require a different or complementary set of skills, to enable them to rapidly form, perform, disband and move on to other projects - we also provide a complete programme of Change Management Workshops targeted at the demanding roles of Project Leader, Project Sponsor and Project Team Member.